Automate Your Discord Moderation

Community management is hard. NomoBot gives you high-level modules, so you can lead your members and staff team with ease

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Auto Modmail

Automated Customer Service

Help Desk saves your moderation team's time answering your communities' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Help Desk

No More Repeating Yourself

Stop repeating your answers. Simply add your response to Help Desk, and our easy-to-use search system will answer members' questions for you.

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Staff Protocols

Provide Consistent Responses

Give your staff the same script. Help Desk provides unity and continuity for your server's culture and brand identity.

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Community Moderators

Empower Your Community

Build community engagement by letting your community share your official responses with new members.

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Serving over 1,000+ members!

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“Automated Customer Service? Yes, please! NomoBot makes moderation a breeze”


“Staff Protocols ensure consistent, professional responses every time. Thanks, NomoBot!”


“Help Desk's search system is a lifesaver! No more repeating ourselves.”


“With NomoBot, our moderation team can focus on building a thriving community.”


“Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks - let NomoBot handle it for you!”


“NomoBot ensures our server's culture and brand identity remain strong.”


“Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks - let NomoBot handle it for you!”


Boost your productivity with NomoBot